Lawsuit Filed Against Biden’s Deportation Freeze

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WAHINGTON, 23 January, 2021 (TON): Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General filed a lawsuit on Friday that seeks to block U.S. President Joe Biden’s move to stop certain deportations for 100 days, a move that has provoked some Republicans.

During the filing, the attorney general stated that if the deportation embargo goes into effect, the state has to face irreparable harm.

On the campaign, Biden promised a 100 day moratorium on deportations if elected. This proposal contradicted immensely with the then President Donald Trump’s immigration crackdown

On Wednesday, 20th January, after Biden took the office, a top official of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a memo that ordered a pause on certain deportations to enable the department to better deal with “operational challenges” at the U.S-Mexico border during the pandemic.

While on Friday, Paxton argued that the deportation moratorium move is against the president’s constitutional duty to execute federal laws. The temporary freeze violated an enforcement agreement the state brokered with the outgoing Trump administration earlier this month.

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